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Week One

Week One

Week One

It’s never easy to throw yourself out there like this especially when you are a fat boy.  This though is my motivation to never look this way again.
Week Five

Week Five

Week Five

Week Five

Week Five

In The Beginning

I thought I might list my original issues and goals at the beginning of each of these so you don’t have to look back into old posts.  If you have been following for a while, you know the story, just skip down to the “Here’s Where I Am So Far” section.

Here is the story.  I will try to keep it as short as possible… (Anyone who knows me knows that’s not possible)  I started this journey bouncing around anywhere from 230-245pounds, taking 5 shots at max dose and a handful of pills each day.  My pills range from Diabetic meds to blood pressure and cholesterol.  My blood sugar even with all the meds was ranging from 250 to 450 any given day.   I was not exercising AT ALL and ate semi-healthy food just WAY to much of it.

Along with some accountability partners and support from My Doctor and Planet Fitness I decided to embark on a journey to kick the crap out of diabetes.  My crazy goal is to lose about 60 pounds and get off all of the  meds.  I plan to eliminate the blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetic medication completely.  I started eating more healthy and jogging a couple weeks before Vern, Jeremy and I started the full blown plan to kick the crap out of diabetes.  Remember, each one of you that makes the pledge to take control of their life helps to motivate me even more.  Whether your ailment is diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol, YOU, with the help of your Doctor and some good accountability partners can do this too.  I am here for you.  Feel free to contact me with questions or doubts.  Please know that I am not a Doctor, nutritionist or personal trainer.  I am an accountability partner.  For any medical issues or treatments, please contact your physician.

Here Is Where I Am So Far
  • Weight 213.  A current loss of 32 pounds!
  • ZERO Insulin shots!  The Doc said I could never do this so I replaced her with someone who believed in me.
  • ZERO Diabetic medication in over TWO WEEKS!!! I was told this could not be done either.  HA!
  • Average blood sugar this week around 103, down 2 points
  • I go to the Doctor tomorrow in hopes of eliminating the cholesterol and high blood pressure meds.  Remember, my goal is to be completely medication free.

This journey is far from over.  I still have roughly 32 pounds to lose.  I also have to maintain my blood sugar with ZERO medication.  It will be done, Oh yes, It will be done.

So here were my goals from last week along with results:
  • Spartacus Workout Monday, Wednesday and Friday.   3 full circuits this week.  OUCH!  2.5 mile run on Tuesday and Thursday.  Completed 3 circuits Monday,  2 Wednesday and 3Friday.  I ran Wednesday but not Friday.
  • Burn an average of 3500 calories each day.  Check!
  • Eat 4-6 small meals each day.  Small portions totaling 2k calories.  Check!
  • 3-4 Protein shakes each day.  1 in the morning, one pre-workout and 2 scoops or 50 grams after workout. Check, Check, Check!!!!
  • Lose 5 pounds or get down to 208.  Weight once again remained unchanged.
The Good, The Not So Good And Improvements For This Week

Mario is still sticking with the program and kicking butt.  Manny is out of town this week but I challenged him to find a treadmill at the hotel gym and he did.  I am so proud of him.  I am really excited these guys are with us.  They are really helping motivate me.

The good: Ok, another week down.  Although minor injuries are starting to pop up and the pain is kind of increasing I still stuck with the program for the most part.  As you can see, I have not lost any weight BUT, my weight actually stayed the same.  On the other hand, look at the pics and measurements.  I am gaining muscle but keeping my weight the same meaning I am actually losing fat…I have met a few new friends through facebook that are really giving me some additional motivation.  We have a couple new people that will be coming on board in the next week or so to start their own Journeys.  I’m really excited about it.  I have decided to rest the remainder of the week so I can come back twice as strong next Monday with Spartacus 2.0.

The not so good: I have had a knee and shoulder issue pop up.  Probably because the Dr. told me to take a break and I didn’t listen.  I still was not quite as strict on my eating plan as I would have liked.  I am eating the frequent meals but am still struggling with the portion sizes.

Improvements This Week: My attitude got the most improvement.  I was having a real hard time lightening the weights and still believing I was being as extreme as I want to be.  I finally am realizing that what I am doing is so much bigger than what I am not doing that it really does not deserve my time thinking about it.  Every now and then you have to re-evaluate your definition of winning.  That is just what I am doing.

I used the social thing again and once again it worked.  I went to IHOP Sunday and ordered my food.  I went on facebook and posted my goal to only eat half of what I ordered.  I received some really good support and kept my pledge.  I left feeling really good instead of the usual bloated horrible feeling.  It amazes me how simple it is to trick ourselves into having some accountability.

This Weeks Goals and measurements
  • Spartacus Workout Monday, rest of the week off except for ab workouts Wednesday and Friday.
  • Eat 4-6 small meals each day.  Small portions totaling 2k calories.
  • 3-4 Protein shakes each day.  1 in the morning, one pre-workout and 2 scoops or 50 grams after workout.
  • Lose 5 pounds or get down to 208.  I know I am not supposed to focus on weight but you gotta have goals right?!  OK, One of these weeks this one is actually going to happen.  Why not this one!


  • Neck:  17.25″  No Change
  • Chest:  48.75″ – 1.25″  increase
  • Bicep:  16.625″ – 5″ Increase
  • Waist:  38″ – .5″ Increase  Somebody PLEASE help me understand why a size 36 jean falls off me but my waist measures 38″.  I’m a little confused by this.
  • Quad:  22.5″ –  .6″ Increase
  • Calf:  16″  – No Change
Stay Tuned For Our New Friday Blog

With some of our new members having really good success we thought we would start showing you some of their results and words of advice also.  So, look for our Friday blog so you can meet Vern, Jeremy, Mario, Alec and Manny.  They also have some good stories and results.  Will you be our next accountability partner?

How Can You Help Others Take Control And Kick The Crap Out Of Diabetes?

I am looking for someone like supplement Superstores, Complete Nutrition or someone like that to help me put together a diabetic survival kit.  I have two places working on this but I would like as many ideas as I can get.  I want the best for my people joining the program.  I would like something like protein powder, protein bars, pre-workout supplements (no sugar of course) and whatever else they recommend to put in a package that would help our diabetics maximize this 90 day process along with a recovery phase after the 90 day program.  If you know someone that could possibly help us supply these items I would love to talk to them.

I would also love to find some sponsors to help offset the cost some of these items along with gym memberships and race entry fees to help others kick the crap out of diabetes.  It is a great cause.  Email me if you would like to help.  Or feel free to send donations to on paypal.  One last thing, if you have gently used exercise equipment that you are willing to donate to a diabetic that could use it or allow us to sell to offset the cost of their gym membership or supplements, please let me know.

Don’t forget, follow us on facebook .  It is an awesome place for diabetic and their loved ones to support each other.  I am personally inspired by some of the people I have met there and I know you will be too.  Remember, don’t tell a diabetic how much you care, show them.  Send them to so they can inspire or be inspired.  Take control and make today what yesterday could have been.