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Week One

Week One

Week One

Beginning pics.  It is not easy to put yourself out here like this.  BUT, If I can do it so can you!!!!

Week Four

Week Four

Week Four

I Gotta say, still not easy but getting better.  Keep coming back, I promise, the next 30 days are going to be impressive.

For a gallery of all my journey photo’s click here.

In The Beginning

I thought I might list my original issues and goals at the beginning of each of these so you don’t have to look back into old posts.  Here is the story.  I will try to keep it as short as possible… (Anyone who knows me knows that’s not possible)

I started this journey bouncing around anywhere from 230-245pounds, taking 5 shots at max dose and a handful of pills each day.  My blood sugar even with all the meds was ranging from 250 to 450 any given day.   I was not exercising AT ALL and ate semi-healthy food just WAY to much of it.

Along with some accountability partners and support from Planet Fitness I decided to embark on a journey to kick the crap out of diabetes.  My crazy goal is to lose about 60 pounds and get off all of the diabetic meds.  I started eating more healthy and jogging a couple weeks before Vern, Jeremy and I started the full blown plan to kick the crap out of diabetes but here is where I am so far.

  • Weight 213.  A current loss of 32 pounds!
  • ZERO Insulin shots!  The Doc said I could never do this so I replaced her with someone who believed in me.
  • ZERO Diabetic medication in over a week!!! Was told this could not be done either.  HA!
  • Average blood sugar this week around 105

This journey is far from over.  I still have roughly 32 pounds to lose.  I also have to maintain my blood sugar with ZERO medication.  It will be done, Oh yes, It will be done.

So here were my goals from last week along with results:
  • Spartacus Workout Monday, Wednesday and Friday.   3 full circuits this week.  OUCH!  2.5 mile run on Tuesday and Thursday.  Completed 3 circuits Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  It was a bear but what a confidence builder.  Friday was the best workout ever.  Nailed the runs also.  Check, Check…
  • Burn an average of 3500 calories each day.  Check!
  • Eat 4-6 small meals each day.  Small portions totaling 2k calories.  Check!
  • 3-4 Protein shakes each day.  1 in the morning, one pre-workout and 2 scoops or 50 grams after workout. Check, Check, Check!!!!
  • Lose 5 pounds or get down to 208.  Not so much of a check 😦  My weight remained unchanged.
The Good, The Not So Good And Improvements For This Week

First off, I want to welcome Manny and Mario to the team.  Manny is diabetic and Mario has diabetes in both sides of the family.  Both are making a public decision to kick the crap out of diabetes.  Mario Started last week.  Manny started Monday.  I’m really proud of both of these guys for making this amazing choice.  Because of them I am not on my own.  Thank you guys for supporting me as I support you.  I believe in you guys!

The good: Ok, another week down.  We added a third set to Spartacus and we all survived.  That in itself is a major feat.  I kept to my meal plans with little to no cheating during the week.  Pre-Preparing meals is the best way to go without a doubt.  I DID NOT GAIN WEIGHT! My pants are falling off of me!!!!  I’m getting stronger every day.  We added about 20 new friends on our facebook page this week.  We made progress on a website we will be launching shortly.  I could go on and on.  The bottom line is that if you focus on the good in your life you will keep finding good in your life.

The not so good: lets start with things that are in my control.  Over the weekend (my cheat days) I was out of control.  I ate 2 much, I drank 2 much, I’m just downright disappointed in myself.  There is no reason to not reward myself  but from now on, I’m gonna draw a line and stick to it.  I promise to do a better job of that this week. Once again, I did not lose any weight.  I really wanted to get under 210 this week.

The Doc. told me this week I might have to take a couple weeks off.  He obviously does not know me that well yet.  I am having some serious back pain along with an aggravated shoulder injury.  The pain is really getting bad.  I am not good at taking off.  I am either 100% or nothing.  BUT, as Vern said, I just might need to compromise.  I guess the right thing to do is to not hurt myself so bad that I have to quit all together.  SOOOOO, I plan to eliminate the weight from the workouts this week and see how that goes.  I really could use some support here as this is not easy for me.  I really want to stay Positive.

On a positive note, the Doc. did tell me that it was alright that I did not lose any weight.  It is normal.  I thought I heard this b4 (actually it was an excuse I was making up in my head) but, he said because muscle weighs more than fat it is perfectly normal to not lose weight with the workouts I am doing.  His advice is to take measurements each week which you are about to see.

Improvements This Week: Because I believe perception is reality, I choose to look at eliminating weights as an improvement.  Rather than seeing it as a set back or failure, I am seeing it as an improvement as it will allow me to keep kicking the crap out of diabetes.

I will start adding measurements this week to give you a better read on what is going on.  I’m pretty new to this so go easy on me if I do something wrong.

This Weeks Goals and measurements
  • Spartacus Workout Monday, Wednesday and Friday.   3 full circuits but no weight (hold me to it guys)  Increase to 3 mile run on Tuesday and Thursday.  
  • Burn an average of 3500 calories each day.
  • Eat 4-6 small meals each day.  Small portions totaling 2k calories.
  • 3-4 Protein shakes each day.  1 in the morning, one pre-workout and 2 scoops or 50 grams after workout.
  • Lose 5 pounds or get down to 208.  I know I am not supposed to focus on weight but you gotta have goals right?!


  • Neck:  17.25″
  • Chest:  47.5″
  • Bicep:  16.125″
  • Waist:  37.5″
  • Quad:  21″ 9″ above the knee
  • Calf:  16″ 4″ below the knee
How Can You Help Others Take Control And Kick The Crap Out Of Diabetes?

I am looking for someone like supplement Superstores, Complete Nutrition or someone like that to help me put together a diabetic survival kit.  I would like something like protein powder, protein bars, pre-workout supplements (no sugar of course) and whatever else they recommend to put in a package that would help our diabetics maximize this 90 day process.  If you know someone that could possibly help us supply these items I would love to talk to them.

I would also love to find some sponsors to help offset the cost some of these items along with gym memberships and race entry fees to help others kick the crap out of diabetes.  It is a great cause.  Email me if you would like to help.  Or feel free to send donations to on paypal.

Don’t forget, follow us on facebook .  It is an awesome place for diabetic and their loved ones to support each other.  I am personally inspired by some of the people I have met there and I know you will be too.  Remember, don’t tell a diabetic how much you care, show them.  Send them to so they can inspire or be inspired.  Take control and make today what yesterday could have been.