The Diabetic Journey Continues “Week Seven” (I Have Great News This Week)

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Week One

Week One

Week One

In The Beginning

Rather than write a book each week of where I began, I will just say, NO MORE PILLS, NO MORE SHOTS.  I AM COMPLETELY MEDICATION FREE!!  That’s right, I even eliminated the blood pressure and cholesterol meds.

Week Seven

Week Seven

Week Seven

It feels good to prove the people wrong that said it could not be done.

To see the full story, scroll to week one or two.

Wow, it feels like forever since my last post.  Since I have only been posting weekly, taking a week off really puts a delay in things.  Next time I’ll let everyone know when the break is We decided to take a week off for recovery.  Maybe I’ll post some info about what we are doing to help others take control and kick the crap out of diabetes.

Something New

We were all seeing our results actually suffer.  Our run times were getting worse and our workouts just were not showing the same results.  I was having some serious back and overall joint pain.  So, at the advice of my doctor and chiropractor, we took a week completely off.  We also decided to change our workout to a 3 week on one week off plan so we get a full week of rest every fourth week.  Maybe down the road that wont be as necessary but If we get hurt by over doing it without enough rest we will have to stop and that just is not an option.  Every time we push through the pain we learn a lot about ourselves.  One of the biggest things I have learned is that most of the so called reasons I could not work out or stick to working out before, were all truly just excuses.

Alright peeps, here is the deal-e-o, yo.  Last week we started Spartacus 2.0.  WOW!!!  Just as extreme as the first one but a little different kind of extreme.  It is a ton more cardio and less strength training.  Either way about 25% through this crazy thing we are sweating like freakin’ pigs.  Just about the time we are saying “Wow, this is not bad”, we immediately want to cry to our mommies.

Week one was brutal to say the least.  The lower back “Muscle” pain was all but unbarable.  We pushed through it though and a could not be happier that we did.  This week the muscle pain in not nearly as bad.  Actually, it is almost gone.

So, we decided that we are going to start doing 2.0 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  On Tuesday and Thursday we will do the original Spartacus.  No, I am not trying to kill myself.  I have a goal I want to hit and I am going to go totally extreme until I get there. (about another 45-60 days)  Yes, I am a results junky.  I’m not killing myself in the gym so I can look the same or end up back on meds, and you should not either.  Results are what motivates us.  If you are not happy with your results, do something different, BUT NEVER QUIT!  There are four stages of taking control in my opinion.  1. You wish you could, 2. You hope you can, 3. Yyou think you can and 4. You know you can.  I have been all of these.  Chances are you are one of these.  The bottom line is that being one or another is a CHOICE.  What do you CHOOSE to be?

Same Old Stuff

I’m new to this stuff so I think I will change it up a little.  Instead of boring you with telling you what I’m going to do each week even when it does not change I will just stick to giving you the changes, the good and the bad.  There is no point in thinking you want to read the same old stuff each week.  Hell, I’m boring myself writing it.  So here is the good, the bad and the other stuff.

The Good

After taking a week off, Vern, Jeremy, Mario and I all feel awesome.  Our bodies were talking to us telling us we needed rest and thank God we listened.  With one week off and one back on, our measurements all have improved.  I’ll give you mine later.

I have been sticking to the workout and eating healthy pretty much religiously.  The 5-6 meals a day along with the exercise has kept my blood sugar at or below 110.  The protein powder and healthy snacking has really made it easy.

My Doctor was so impressed with my results, (6.3 A1C with no meds). He wants me to make flyers for our Diabetic Journeys program to put up in his offices to motivate and inspire others that don’t think they can do it.  Man, That is huge.  Just think of all the people that might take control.  Might you be one of them?

Manny is back from vacation and is hitting it hard.  Mario is totally kicking butt.  Vern is enjoying some serious results and Jeremy is back this week.  Alec did a great job helping us at the gym and is going to start helping us put together our own program.  I’ll be sure to share once it is ready.

The Bad

I can’t think of anything bad this week.  Life is good.  Mostly good decisions.  Even after having a few drinks at Business after hours Thursday Vern and I still managed to make it to the gym and had an awesome workout.  For every bad decision, there is an opportunity to follow it up with a good one.

This Weeks Results

My weight has still stayed about the same but I think it is pretty obvious from the pics that there are muscle gains and the big old belly is starting to shrink.

Last weeks measurements:

  • Chest:  48.75
  • Bicep:  16.625
  • Waist:  38
  • Neck:  17.25
  • Calf:     16
  • Thigh:  21.9

This Week’s Measurements:

  • Chest:  48  Loss of .75 of an inch
  • Bicep:  17  Gain of .325 of an inch
  • Waist:  38  No Change
  • Neck:    16.875  Loss of .325 of an inch
  • Calf:       16  No change
  • Thigh:   22.5  Gain of .6 of an inch
Take Control!

Are you ready to take control?  Come find us at  We are not Doctors, we are not personal trainers or nutrition specialist.  We are accountability partners.  If you need someone to help hold you accountable or you are local and need someone to help find doctors, personal trainers or nutritionist we are exactly who you are looking for.  If you are not local and need a little kick in the butt you found the right group.  We are here to help you Take Control and kick the crap out of diabetes!


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