The Diabetic Journey Continues “Week Two”

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ok, So I totally forgot to give you guys starting pick last week.  Here they are.  I will update photo’s weekly along with some rough numbers on blood sugar, eating habits “NOT DIET” and exercise along with anything we at Diabetic Journeys are working to try to get others to make the commitment with me.

Every week I plan to give you a list of my prior weeks goals as kind of a refresher and then what I accomplished.  I may talk about some of my challenges but also some successes.  Here we go.

Goals for last week:

  • Current weight, 217.  Goal -Lose 3-5 Pounds
  • Eat Right:  Eat 5-6 small meals daily not more than 2,000.00 Calories
  • Exercise:  Mens Health Spartacus Workout Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  30 Minute Jog Monday Wednesday and Friday.  Burn an average of 3,500 calories a day.
  • Drop to one Actos+Met Pill and maintain Blood sugar of 110 or below.

Also, I am not advocating the idea that you should stop taking meds without the supervision of your Doc.  Make sure you consult with them b4 making any changes.  Also make sure they support your plan to try to kick the crap out of diabetes or Fire them.

Results From Last Week:

  • Current Weight 213 for a loss of 4 pounds.
  • Ate 4-5 small meals a day averaging about 1700 Calories a day.
  • Only did Spartacus Tuesday and Thursday but threw in a chest and arm workout on Thursday.  Jogged on Wednesday,Saturday and Sunday.  Calories averaged out to 3,500 a day burnt.
  • Dropped to one Actos+Met and maintained around 110-115 Blood Sugar.

The Good and The Not So Good.

Lets start with the good.  I met almost all of my goals.  We are setting very challenging goals for me in the beginning because I not only need to Take Control of the Diabetes but also need to lose about 30 pounds.  Don’t let this scare you.  I am a results person and I need results fast or I have trouble sticking to things.  I want you to succeed so you may want to take it a little slower.  If you want to go at a slower pace there is nothing wrong with that.  We will be posting some interviews in the future from personal trainers to help you with your goals.  The bottom line is for you to have REALISTIC goals and for you to do everything you can to achieve them.

The not so good:  I had a really hard time this week sticking to my meals.  Quite simply, I did not do a good enough job planning for the week.  That will not happen this week.  I am on a mission.  All of you are watching and I WILL NOT FAIL!  I will do a better job this week.


The Workout Thursday was horrible.  One of the worst we have had since we started this.  Our minds were in the game but our bodies did not show up for some reason.  Because of this we switched a few things up.  We are now doing the Spartacus workout on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Jogging (feel free to replace jogging with walking if you are a beginner) on Tuesday and Thursday.  This gives our bodies the entire weekend to rest.  I’ll let you know how that works out next week.

We also went from 2 circuits this week to three.  Talk about extreme, it was awesome.  Let me tell you , I am hurting though.  WOW!!  This is great though.  Hopefully we will get a video of Spartacus One out in the next week or so because in two week we will swittch to Spartacus 2.0.  We will post some video on that one also.  Stay Tuned.

At Last…..  Goals for this week!!

  • Current weight 213.  I am really going to try to hit 208.  I know I can do it.
  • Same goal for food.
  • Same goal for exercise other than the switch up on days I told you about.
  • Same goal for Meds.

Alright, it’s pretty easy to see week one I am no Brad Pit.  Yeah, that’s right look at the fat guy.  BUTT!!!!  I am on a mission.  This will be the first year in many years that I will not be the fat Daddy at the pool.  Not only am I going to kick the crap out of diabetes, I am going to look pretty freakin good doing it.  It might not look that way from the current picks but stay tuned baby, I’m about to get ripped.

If you are diabetic go to and join us.   If you aren’t, I’m sure you know someone who is.  Quit telling them to eat right and exercise and do it with them.  Every day we should be looking for opportunities to help improve someone else’s life.  Well, here you go.  The best way to be inspired is to inspire someone else.

  1. Matt LaMons says:

    I’m impressed that you’ve put yourself out there and I can see the change already. I wonder how many other people will be inspired? I am..!

    • Thanks Matt. I could not do this without people like you to support me. I am really glad you feel inspired. It is now your responsibility to go out and inspire someone else.

      Take Control and make today what yesterday could have been.


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