The Diabetic Journey Begins

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ok, here it is.  This is the official unofficial start of my journey.  When I made my public commitment to kick the crap out of diabetes I never thought I would be starting a Facebook fan page, blog, web site and Twitter (I feel weird even saying that word).  So I am getting a little of a late start here.  I hope you can understand.  Although I am about 3 weeks into this thing, you will see I am still quite a bit overweight.  Oh that’s right, I’m a fat guy.

Remember I started my journey about 65 pounds overweight (245 to be exact), taking more than a handful of pills and 5 shots a day. My goal first and foremost was to just get off the shots that my EX Doctor told me I would never do.  Now that I have done that, my goal is to continue to live a healthy life and show others that it can be done without some crash diet.  I also want my kids to see a Dad they can look up to, not one that is a quitter.  OK, for the shallow stuff.  Hell yeah I want to look good.  I am sick and tired of being the fat daddy at the pool.  Oh no my friends, not this year.  I am on a mission.

Here is the deal.  I am at 217 what I call boxer weight.  That does not mean I’m about to knock the crap out of anyone.  It means I’m wearing boxers when I put my big butt on the scale.  My goal this week is to lose 5 pounds.  I think I could lose more but am doing a bunch of strength training so hope to replace some fat with muscle. I am also going to run 3 days this week for a total of about 10 miles.  My workouts for the next few weeks will be the original Spartacus from Men’s Health.  I will be burning about 3500 calories a day.  Diabetic Journeys will be posting a video in the next few weeks of Spartacus 2.0.  Stay tuned for that.

My eating plan this week (notice I did NOT say diet) will be roughly this:  Two hard boiled eggs each morning.  (I pre boiled enough on Sunday to last the entire week) I will have a protein shake before lunch, a light salad with grilled or baked chicken for lunch, about a half cup of mixed nuts a couple hours after lunch, baked fish with brown rice and or veggies for dinner, workout after dinner then another protein shake.  This should be about 1500-2000 calories depending on what I drink throughout the day.  If everything goes as planned I should be losing about 3-5 pounds per week.

You will hear me talk a lot about accountability partners as well.  I do not think I could do what I am doing without my workout partners as well as my amazing wife and kids to support me.  If you do not have anyone to help you stick with the plan, go to and we will help you.  The purpose of the site is to motivate or be motivated.

I know it is Tuesday but, each week on Monday I plan to let you all know how it is going and also ask for some feedback or advice if you have any great ideas that the average guy/girl can do to make this as simple and foolproof as possible.  Don’t make me do it all alone though.  If you are already a success story I would love your advice.  If you would like to start your own journey come do it with me.  Remember, the things that got you where you are WILL NOT get you where you want to be.  TAKE CONTROL!


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