Is It Time To Fire Your Doctor?

Posted: March 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

OK, let me start by making a few people mad.  Great idea on my first blog post right?  If you are the one that does not follow any of your Doctors advice, won’t exercise and refuse to eat right then please do everyone a favor and accept responsibility for your actions or in-actions.  There is no miracle cure or get healthy quick scam to fix you.  Just plan on spending the rest of your life on meds.  For everyone else who is ready to start their own Diabetic Journey and kick the crap out of type 2 diabetes, please read on.

I found out I was diabetic about 5 years ago.  I was walking around with 600 blood sugar levels and had a really hard time controlling it.  It took every bit of 4 to 6 months to get down in the 200’s.  What a Journey.  I had just read an Anthony Robins book called Awaken The Giant Within.  (GREAT BOOK BY THE WAY) It talks a lot about Neural Linguistic Programming or NLP.  One of the basic concepts is that we make most of our decisions based on either pain or pleasure.  The idea of taking control of my life meant a lot of diet and exercise.  In my mind that was anything but pleasurable.  There was a certain level of reluctance due to the pain associated with change. It took a lot to change many thoughts that I found painful and find a way to think of them as pleasure.  It was that book though that really gave me the mental strength to make one of the best decisions of my life.

I had the same doctor for 12 years when I made the decision to take control.  When I first told her I was going to beat this thing, she looked at me like I was crazy and absolutely did not support the idea.  Like a lot of Medical Professionals I have talked to in the past, I was expected to do as I was told because of course they know best.  Well, not always!  Contrary to anything I would advise any of you to do, I decided to manage the meds on my own.  I started a pretty tough exercise plan and ate right and in a matter of months had slowly decreased myself off the insulin completely.  I lowered it by a few units per day every day.  As long as my numbers stayed the same or went down, I kept lowering.  I couldn’t have been happier.  I knew it could be done.  With in a couple months I was completely off the insulin.

I was so excited when it was time for my 3 month visit I could not wait to tell the Doc.  Man, she was going to be so proud of me!  Or Was She?  When the date finally arrived, instead of her throwing me a congratulations party she chastised me like a little Cosby kid.  It was horrible.  I think her words were something like “What is wrong with you?  You have no business doing this!  This is just a honeymoon phase and will never last.  You need to just get used to the meds and shots because you will be on the the rest of your life.”  Well, about a month later I ended up with Stress fractures in my leg, had to quit training, gained a ton of weight and proved her right.  In no time I was back on the shots and up about 20 pounds.

About a year later I decided I was going to give it another try.  As I thought my Doc did not support the idea so guess who got replaced.  I’m not telling everyone to manage their own health care.  That is just nuts.  I am though telling you to find a Doctor that supports you taking an ACTIVE roll in managing your own life and taking control.  No Doctor should EVER tell you it can not be done unless YOU have tried and failed.  Even then you deserve a second shot.  Remember, they work for you.  If they do not support you, fire them and find someone who will. Please, make sure you check your level of commitment before you go through the hassle of firing your Doc though.

A couple months ago I was 245 pounds (65 pounds overweight) taking about a handful of meds from blood pressure to actos plus met and cholesterol pills not to mention 5 “That’s Right” 5 insulin shots a day.  After taking the advice of many, I found a new Doctor that not only supports my goal of controlling this thing medication free he has given me the knowledge to manage the meds on my own.  Thanks to the support of my new Doctor and some really good friends and family, today, I have not had a shot in over a month, have cut out about a third of the other meds and have lost about 30 pounds.  It was not done with some miracle diet or gimmicks.  It all started with a lot of commitment and a tough decision to fire my Doctor.   In the past I dreaded going to the Doctor.  I knew it was going to just be more disappointment.

Are you ready to start your own Diabetic Journey?  Are you ready to kick the crap out of Diabetes?  Stop talking about it and do something about it.  Call a friend and ask them to run/walk with you.  Sign up for a local 5k and tel all your friends you are doing it.  Ask them to run/walk with you and help hold you accountable.  Make sure you have a doctor that supports you.  If not, FIRE THEM!


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